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Behind The Art

Alyssa Jayleen is a little star in this big universe. Alyssa is a student studying Art with a concentration of Communication Design certainly at CSUN to eventually get a bachelor's degree and has receive an A.A in Graphic & Multimedia Design from College of the Canyons. She is also working hard to evolve herself into an “adult”. She is the creator of a small business named Fangirl Material and the junior designer (also the youngest on the team) for the company Wealthward Capital. Alyssa strives to create meaningful connections with her work whether it is taking photos or creating social media templates. By traveling through life one day at a time, Alyssa is just your average teenage girl who likes to blast music in her room, watch trashy reality tv, hanging out with friends (telling them all about Marvel theories they don’t care about), and trying her best to survive in this
crazy world.

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Girl with brown hair in a room of posters and photos.